HORSE PENS 40 PARK ---- Steele, AL. "The South's Best Kept Secret"


A Red Clay Revival 2012 at HP40

A Music, Art, Climbing, and Camping Festival


We are looking forward to hosting this very special and unique event. This event will feature a large number of very high caliber bands featuring many famous musicians who have all gathered here for your enjoyment and to raise money for Birminghams' Space One Eleven, a visual arts based non-profit organization, focused on bringing out the 'inner artist' in children.
Horse Pens 40 is a 'LEAVE NO TRACE' nature park with many rare, threatened, protected, and endangered species, some of which can be found nowhere else on earth. Please be considerate of them as you visit here in their home.
TICKETS WILL BE LIMITED AND THIS EVENT IS EXPECTED TO SELL OUT (perhaps even before the gate opens), so be sure and GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY. We only have so much space available, and when the allotted number of tickets are sold, that is it. Don't take a chance on missing out on this event.
PLEASE CARPOOL!! PARKING WILL BE LIMITED due to space limitations. For safety and security reasons, no cars will be allowed inside the actual campground area. There will be a $5 to $10 parking fee per vehicle according to where you choose to park. Parking fees will go to the HP40 Equine Rescue Program and will hopefully help offset the loss of fall/winter grass from the required mowing and related damages from the heavy vehicle use of the parking (pasture) areas. (From a horses' point of view this will be like going from a salad bar (lush green grass) to cereal (grain and hay) for the winter menu. We'll need to buy 'em some sweet feed and molasses to help make it up to them. If you feel bad about parking your stinky car on their dinner table, you can always come up during the winter with an apple or carrot and tell 'em you're sorry.)
Below are some of the rules that are necessary in order for us all to be able to enjoy such a large event in the park together. We regret their necessity but there is no real alternative if the park to survive this event in good condition. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.
NO OPEN FIRES WILL BE ALLOWED AT ALL in order to avoid the potential for ecological damage. Due to the typical dry September weather we will normally be under a county-wide "No Burn Order" anyway. The careful use of gas camping stoves for cooking will be allowed. Food vendors will be here for your convenience, and the HP40 Cafe will be open as well.

NO PETS ARE ALLOWED unless it is a registered service animal. (Must have proper documentation on hand to present to HP40 Security.) We are necessarily very strict about the presence of pets due to the various very sensitive and delicate species that make their home here.

NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES OR UNDERAGE DRINKING AT ANY TIME. Violators will be ejected immediately and will be subject to local, state, and federal laws.


NO FIREWORKS, FIREARMS, AXES, SHOVELS, MACHETES, or other dangerous items are permitted on HP40 property. HP40 is an important natural, historical, and archeological site and no digging or other disturbance of the ground, or any intentional damage to anything, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral, is permitted at any time. Violators will be ejected immediately and will be subject to applicable legal consequences. (Assuming that they survive the ejection process and all of the other really bad things that we have in mind for them.)

NO ATVs, GOLF CARTS, or other gas/electric powered vehicles are allowed. Electric wheelchairs for the handicapped are excepted, of course.

NO LITTERING, If you bring it in, PLEASE PACK IT OUT. Due to the size of the expected crowd, there will be a limited amount of trash barrel and dumpster space. Please try to be Earth-friendly and don't bring in a lot of waste.

NO OPEN FIRES, candles, charcoal grills or 'tiki torches'. The careful use of gas camp stoves to cook food are permitted. (I know I already said this, but it is very important, and it will be strictly enforced, so pay attention).

NO CLIMBING OF ANY FENCES OR CROSSING OF ANY FENCELINES WILL BE TOLERATED. Besides being dangerous to you, it is very destructive to the often fragile fences. It is abnormally expensive and difficult to repair and maintain fences here due to the large amount of rock just beneath the surface of the ground. All country folk are always very sensitive about their fences and are very intolerant of 'fence jumpers'. ANYONE CAUGHT CROSSING ANY FENCE FOR ANY REASON WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE PARK IMMEDIATELY AND NOT ALLOWED TO RETURN. This is due to the fact that there will simply be too many witnesses for us to shoot you for doing it.

SOME OUTER AREAS OF THE PARK WILL BE CLOSED FOR THE DURATION OF THIS EVENT. This is due to ecological, security, and other considerations. If you see a sign that says "NO TRESPASSING" or RED or YELLOW TAPE  or other barricades closing off an area, then DO NOT ENTER THAT AREA. For whatever important reason, that area is closed and you will be in lots of trouble if you are caught inside those closed areas. The areas near County Road 42 will be closed and heavily partrolled and anyone caught trying to sneak into this event through those areas may never be seen again. You have been warned!

Check back for more important details coming SOON!!

HP40 office -- 9am - 9pm -- 256-538-7439